About Us

The reason I started Pancho and Lefty was that I wanted the world to discover the truly amazing stuff that´s out there. The real craft. True design. That apparel can be art.
I´m always on the hunt for something special, but sometimes the most interesting brands are well kept secrets for everybody but their inner circle of hardcore fans. That, in combination with my picky nature, usually makes it quite hard for me to find things for the shop. But I´m a stubborn, persistent old shite.
Back when I started this business I wanted to represent the wonderful Japanese brand Kapital, but they didn´t have a lot of retailers outside of Japan – and were quite happy with keeping it that way. But I went there, three years in a row, begging them to reconsider. Eventually they caved in and allowed me to be a retailer. To my great joy, Pancho and Lefty became a success. Small scale, but still.
Throughout the years I´ve also received great support from my friends at the Swedish denim brand, Indigofera Jeans. Best partners one could wish for.
Japan´s got a special place in my heart and I go there a couple of times a year to hang out with my partners and friends. The environment, their crafting traditions and uncompromizing approach to the fashion business is deeply inspiring.
Pancho and Lefty is about offering things I truly love, from companies I sincerely respect. You may not like everything, but if I were to have an embroidery with a proverb on my wall, it would read:
One can´t please everyone without being bland and boring.
Yours truly,
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